Thursday, January 28, 2016

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Campaign #11 Finale

What a bald Finale! HAHAHA Okay so we are here, ending the game story. To be honest, it was a good story. Compared to the entire series of Call of Duty. This one was really good. Well written and all. I loved it. It wasn't short either. It was just enough. Enough for me to get tired of doing and enough for me to just really enjoy while at it. It was over all, a good game!

Although, it was a linear story, they just really made it more interesting every single time. Not to mention, all the action packed full on war they just presented every mission of the game.

Now for the multiplayer part, it's either you are a NOOB or that the unlock system just doesn't work for everyone. Higher levels take more advantage then lower ones. But still enjoyable anyway.

Great work Activision! I grade this game an A. No pluses though. #Sad.

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