Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dota 2 - Rank boosters

Trust me when I say, I got boosted to Legend 3 in just 3 weeks! HAHAHAHA And, NO! I did not let anyone use my account. I just partied with friends that had a mindset to win! 2-3 weeks from Crusader 4 to Legend 3. I mainly played hard support and my carry friend named Jayson mainly played Pusher hero and my other friends just played support or offlane for our main carry Jayson. This is Party MMR guys! HAHAHA My solo is still stuck somewhere in 1k... HAHAHAHA

We didn't play 24/7 and we only played 1-2 hour in the afternoon, and 1-3hours during the night. I just mainly waited for Jayson to be available to play the game. We won every game like straight 4-10 games win in a day... Game usually ends 30-40mins and rarely goes 1hour.

On that meta, we mainly spammed DK and Venge.. If we get AM enemy, Jayson picks Terrorblade and sometimes I stick with Venge or other supports. In this new meta, we haven't had any heroes to spam yet. I was mainly exploring on Dark Willow and we win games but not as boosted as before. In 2-3 weeks, I gained so much MMR! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

Here are some of the videos I was able to livestream... I wasn't really able to record or stream some because it was late at night, like midnight, and I just can't shout while my family is sleeping.

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