Saturday, October 28, 2017

Assassin's Creed: Origins Benchmarks

Hi guys, I got a notice that the Assassin's Creed Origin has been released! So, I fired up my rig and run the in-game benchmark. I can't stream this just yet because I'm still at work and I haven't completed the Syndicate! LMAO!

Now, on to the benchmark:

  1. My gaming rig full specs are here. I got the 7700k, 32gb RAM, 1080ti 11gb VRAM, and 1440p 144hz.
  2. You can see on the first settings VRAM at MAXED OUT EVERYTHING only uses within 4gb VRAM...
  3. First test is run at MAXED OUT EVERYTHING! You'll see the first result is LOW with the numbers of 9504. Not sure if this was fullscreen mode or borderless mode but it says that with the Adaptive Quality my CPU struggles... I guess I won't be using this while streaming.
  4. Second test is run at DEFAULT ULTRA! You can see there that the resulting PERFORMANCE is very high but with the numbers of 8868... I guess I'll be using that for streaming or go 1 step lower... streaming eats up CPU usage...

There you go guys, LMAO... I'm gonna embed my first Syndicate gameplay below and also include a compiled video of 100% sync with all cut-scenes from RabidRetrospectGames...

Trust me, I want to play Syndicate but they hype for this Origin is so tempting. Running the benchmark made me want to livestream it ASAP. So, I'm cheating here by watching the gameplay and cutscenes... HAHAH 

I will be streaming Origins soon, and don't worry, I will also livestream Syndicate when I have the extra time. Too much backlog here, I set aside my Ghost Recon Wildlands for this!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Cheers!

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