Saturday, November 3, 2018

Cities Skylines - Industries Achievement

Industries Achievement

  1. Full Capacity - Level up an Industry Area to Level 5
    • Have at least 5000 cells or size of your industry for it to grow smoothly... Also, don't forget to activate some policies... Just wait and you'll get 5 stars eventually.
  2. Offshore Assets - Build five Oil Rigs
    • You have to build the Off-shore Oil Drilling Platform on the shoreline and you need at least 5 of them.
  3. Industry Tycoon - Build all Unique Factories
    • Find a space to build all of these unique factories under the Industries tab. The last one after the warehouses tab. Build all of them! Also, one building requires shoreline so be sure to prepare one. They don't need to be in a zone.
  4. Just Tolling - Build one of each road Toll Booth buildings
    • This is super easy, you don't even have to connect these toll booths to anything. Just build them all and you are done!
  5. Scaling Up - Build 10 Warehouse buildings
    • The buildings will only count if you select the ones on the Warehouse tab. Build 10 of them under that tab and you are good :)
  6. Postman - Deliver 1,000,000 units of Mail
    • Post Office can be found in the Transport tab. Just put Post Offices around the corners and put some Post Sorting Facilities somewhere reachable between different zones and wait for the entire system to deliver 1 million mails.
  7. Serial Investor - Build 10 Industry Area
    • You have to zone 10 industry areas and then add at least one building or the main building for it to count as an industry area.

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