Saturday, November 3, 2018

Cities Skylines - Parklife Achievements

Parklife Achievements

  1. Z00 - Have a park with all the zoo buildings in it
    • Build all zoo buildings.. you need to make sure the size is huge enough that it would fit a shore line for the Sea Life Enclosure.
  2. Ambulare - Have 5 pedestrian Walking Tour lines
    • Place the stops for the Walking Tours inside your parks and spam them
  3. Maintain That Park - Have a Park Maintenance Service and a Zoo, Nature Reserve and Amusement Park in your city
    • Just build those 4 required even with just the zones and gates for the zoo, nature and amusement.
  4. Coaster Tycoon - Have a park with all Amusement Park building in it
    • Build all Amusement buildings. Not so difficult with mods on and achievement enabler on.
  5. Naturally - Have a park with Reserve buildings in it
    • Build all Nature Reserve buildings... you can teraform your park with water or pond so that it can accommodate 2 fishing buildings.
  6. The Park To Rule All Parks - Have a maximum level park made with Park Tool
    • Build at least 1 park and have it reach 5 stars... Make sure you use some policies to boost it's value even further... Also, take note of the entertainment value on the park info... give it at least 2000 points to reach 5 stars quickly.
  7. Parking Not Forbidden - Have 10 Parks made with Park Tool
    • Just make 10 parks. You can also just use the park zone and zone 10 park areas.
  8. Sights To Be Seen - Have 15 Sightseeing Bus lines
    • Spam bus lines... check the transportation info panel and see the tour bus line count. It must be 15.

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