Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cities: Skylines After Dark - Lakevalley #3 Live

Hi guys, Lakevalley episode 3 was live streamed but I decided to delete the replay because, my face was on it. I turned on the Cam and I realized, I don't want my face in it.. So, next time, you won't see my face anymore. I will also improve the audio for my commentary.

Anyway, here's a quick recap for that episode. I was able to expand around the entrance roundabout with more residential area, high density to be specific. I rezoned the commercial area to be leisure and the ones near the water are beach and tourism. I also added an Import/Export cargo hub. 1 cargo hub directly connected to the main rail-track and my internal cargo hub with internal rail-track across the city. I also added a second roundabout to the other side of the map. Added more entrance roads from the highway to fix the emerging problem with the roundabout.

Now, for the next episode, I will be fixing the problems with the roundabout. If I can't, we'll start or continue another city that I have been working on off-stream. :D

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