Monday, November 23, 2015

Dota 2: Frankfut Majors Is Over!

OG aka Opulent Gamers won the first ever major of Dota 2 after TI5! It was the best and most amazing game ever played this year, even against TI5! Best story, best plays, OG literally fought every team from Lower Bracket to the Championships!

Now now, I only caught the game live at Day 7 and it was EG vs Team Secret on upper bracket finals. I my heart goes to Team Secret at the time and it was TI5 all over again, or shall I say way better fights than in the TI. But after their game, OG fought against with EG on the lower bracket and I was wowed by them. They have N0Tail, Moon and the 8K MMR Miracle. I literally became a fan. When I watched Day 8 finals, OG just blew Team Secret away. It was best fights ever! Congratulations OG!

If you want to catch all of the games, links are posted below.

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Day 1 here.
Day 2 here.
Day 3 here.
Day 4 here.
Day 5 here.
Day 6 here.
Day 7 here.
Day 8 here.

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