Friday, November 27, 2015

My Dota 2 Aegis Has Arrived!

After few months of getting my Compendium level to 1000. I finally got the real world hard replica of the Aegis! It's heavy, I'll tell you that. It's super nice! Although, I really thought they engraved the Champion's team at the back though. It was just Dota 2 logo at the back and the year 2015.

Anyway, here's the story of how it arrived to me. You may skip this part now. I woke up earlier today with a guy screaming at our door. I was so tired at work and he just screaming there. Turns out it was the Parcel Delivery guy. I though, nah it might be for my mom. But no, it was for me. I was like what? I didn't have anything ordered. And my sister was like, might be the Aegis. The guy said the tracking is EE. Might thoughts, the tracking number they game me is RR. So, I wondered. When we opened the box, it was indeed the Aegis! I'm so happy. It arrived quicker than I thought.

So, I'll go back and live stream some Fallout 4 now and may be some Dota 2 later. I'll post it soon.

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