Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dota 2 - Aegis of Immortality and ESL One in Manila Philippines!!!!!!!

So, the second batch of TI 2015 Aegis of Immortality replica has arrived sooner to me than I have expected. I got this weeks ago, just a week after they sent me email of their shipment. I was super amazed. I didn't post it sooner because, I got busy with work and stuff. But, today's post is not about this one.

Today's post is about the ESL One in Manila, Philippines!!!!! OAMGWGWAGWAIKGNAW OMGEFFFNNNGEEE!!! Shall I go now? hahaha oh wait. There's that "laglag bala" (bullet dropping) thing in the National Airport thingy/scandal. HAHAHA. Anyway, I'm more interested in the loot in-game and off. I want to loot the figures and whatever items they have to offer in the world like the aegis I got above. It's in April 2016. I still have time to plan stuff. But, I wanna go now. But, I can't just go alone. I need stuff for my job as well.... I need... a lot of things.. omg... I want to go..... But then again, I need to make sure if my teams get in and then make the move. But, I'm pretty sure the premium tickets will sold out regardless. So, I have to decide now! Since, the tickets will go on sale in just a few hours today!!!!!!


Sponsors pleaaaassseeeeeee.......... :D

Anyway, if you are curious what Pinoy gaming is, watch my live stream recording below. LOL. NOOBS.


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I got the premium vip ticket worth 5,000 Php. YAY!


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