Friday, December 4, 2015

Let's Play Fallout 4 - Refortify Croup Manor and Nordhagen Beach

Earlier this week, I saw that there is some awesome underwater stuff in the game Fallout 4. So, I decided to cut my travel short buy walking in power armor across the water. To my surprise, there was no enemy there. But, it was really scary. I was so scared there might be monsters down there. But no, it was just pure beauty in the deep blue. It was dark at first when you are still on shallow waters. But, when you get to reach the deepest, it starts to get clear and you can see the beautiful colors under it.

My travel underwater was short but it was very challenging, especially when it is dark and you can't see anything whether you are going down or going up. But, I was lucky I was able to reach my destination. And this time, I was able to finish 2 settlements in 5 hours! LOL.

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20 floor building tour and dive here.
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Make your own MOD - Run all commands at once here.

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