Thursday, December 3, 2015

Let's Play Fallout 4 - 20 floor Building in Abernathy Farm

Hi guys, today, I finished a 20 floor building in Fallout 4! OMG! I didn't expect I could complete it in 4 hours. hahahah. To be honest, it was kinda boring building it. Repetitive tasks each floor is killing me. But the way it looks now, it was so much worth it. Also, I did fall a lot of times when I was trying to attach power cables to the outside of the building. I screamed so much, it feels like, I'm actually falling. In this video, you will also see my cable management across this settlement.

Building Details

  1. 20 floors
  2. 2 beds per floor
  3. 1st floor - Dog house
  4. 2-4th floor - Stores
  5. 5th floor - living room
  6. 20th floor - kitchen & dining.

My video is up in case you are curious on how I did it. I did live stream this one.



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