Friday, December 18, 2015

Why I Ain't Streaming Recently, Bicht?

the only meal i ate on my #brithday #busyatwork #nightshiftproblems


Guys, I tried! But, ISPs here super sucked! #ICri #SadLife. Also, yesterday was my birthday! YAY! I have posted my personal thingies on my personal blog: A Late Birthday Blog. If you guys are interested to know what's up with me, read the blog post. If not, let's move on.

So, what's new for this Channel? We have a long list of games to play!
  1. I need to finish up Fallout 4 because Nemo, oh Shaun, I want to see my baby Shaun now! But, wait, there's more! I still have to build more settlements. And guys, I found a new technique in stacking Concrete walls.. So, we might be re-doing shit on my settlements!
  2. Play Assassins Creed Syndicate. I will stream this game as soon as I am done with Fallout 4 Story.
  3. Play Call of Duty Black Ops 3. I will stream the campaign. I don't normally do multiplayer for FPS anyway.
  4. Go back to playing Cities: Skylines After Dark
  5. Do some Dota 2 Games.
  6. Oh, ESL One Manila videos on my adventure there. Kiss Puppey, BigDaddyNotail, Miracle, Weeha, and many many many more!
  7. Get better ISP which is impossible, because #Philippines.
100mmr VIP #ESLONE #DOTA #DOTA2 #ESLONEMANILA #eslonemanila2016

So, yeah I think that's it. My Birthday thing is on this blog. If you are still interested.

PS: I originally wanted to do a Dota 2 Livestream with #itsmybirthdayluckycharmday and see if I got the birthday luck and win all games... but no, we'll do it this weekend though, PROMISE!

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