Friday, December 25, 2015

Let's Play Fallout 4 - Refortify The Slog

Hello guys! I'm back with a new awesome settlement! I totally fell in love with it! It has a pool! OMG! You'll see me dive into it immediately after I saw it! I'm childish like that! I'm also like that in real life! Haha! I love water!!!!

Anyway, I totally enjoyed building this settlement. It has a large 1 floor building built in, which make my 2nd floor makeshift building much more easier to set up. I hate small spaces, that I literally have to make multiple floors just to fit in the needs of my settlers. But, not this settlement. This settlement was easy! I totally love it. I was able to fit all beds in just 1 floor and I don't have to expand upwards just to fit my settlers' needs.

I have provided the video below and some screenshots. By the way, I updated the 2nd floor entrance. I put some doors there and I wasn't able to take screenshots of the latest version. You'll have to see it in the video. :D



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